1. The manufacturer applies for cooperation with the ALiS Foundation.
2. The ALiS Foundation provides a test protocol, test scheme and a test tool to the manufacturer.
3. The ALiS Foundation appoints an auditor and informs the supplier about it.
4. The manufacturer invites the auditor to execute the certification inspection.
5. The auditor reports to the communal board of the foundation and proposes an advice about the certification of the system.
6. The communal board decides about the attribution of certificates and presents this to the supervisory board for approval.
7. After the agreement of the supervisory board, the ALiS Foundation grants the certificate and publishes this on the website.
8. Certified systems are identifiable at all times.
9. Suppliers are obligated to donate a contribution fee over sold systems. The exact amount will be determined by the communal board in accordance with the supervisory board.
10. Systems provided with the ALiS protocol may not be marketed without a certificate.
11. The foundation reserves the right to withdraw a certificate at all times.
12. System modifications which can influence the compatibility of systems will automatically be declared invalid.