Festive ceremony first certificate version 1.2 of Elspec BV

The Dag van de Openbare Ruimte begins with the ceremony for the first certificate of the AliS Protocol version 1.2 to Elspec BV for their Eurel Lighting management system.

During two days, the Expo Houten is dedicated to the Public Domain. In addition, there is much attention for Public Lighting (OVL). For the first time, the providers affiliated with the AliS Foundation are recognizable at the exhibition and tell visitors their experiences with the ALIS Protocol. Also the AliS Foundation is present at the exhibition. Director Gertjan Eg: “A few weeks ago we published version 1.2. With this improved version of the protocol, we expect a lot of interest from road authorities. For many years a need exists for a standard that ensures that systems of different vendors can work together and work side by side with each other. The ALiS protocol ensures that interoperability now and for the future. ”

Since the publication the suppliers are busy with implementation. Elspec BV has adapted their system in a very short time. Eg: “It is no coincidence that Elspec is the first to receive a certificate for version 1.2 now. They were closely involved in the development of the standard and they were also the first to complete the implementation of version 1.1 successfully. I am pleased to issue this certificate on behalf of the ALIS Foundation. On the Dag van Verkeer & Mobiliteit, late November, undoubtedly there will follow more. ”

There are 14 participating suppliers of ALiS present at the exhibition. Both hardware and software suppliers are represented. For road authorities there is really something to compare. Despite the fact that all these suppliers deliver a system that is compatible, there are still differences in functionality and technical capabilities.