Memorandum of understanding AliS – IOV – IGOV signed

The presidents of IGOV, IOV and ALIS Foundation have signed an agreement of intent on October 9. The representatives thereby making it known that they do everything to get the ALIS protocol used as standard in the market for dynamic public lighting. The protocol has been developed from ASTRIN with the aim to professionalize the market by ensuring the interoperability of systems from all suppliers in this market.

The ALIS protocol standardizes the communication between the infrastructure for public lighting and the control software. With an open standard systems from different vendors, clients can be controlled from one management system.

Henk Walraven signed as president of the ALIS Foundation, along with presidents of IGOV IOV and the MoU. The participants of IGOV and IOV represent the owners and managers of public lighting installations in the Netherlands.

Open standard

IOV, the Initiative Public Lighting, consists of lighting experts from various parts of Rijkswaterstaat (Dutch national road authority) and the provinces. “IOV works at national level to promote uniformity and cooperation. Especially for the provinces is an important standard” said IOV President Peter Oudhuis. “The road authorities will require the ALiS in their contracts. Therefore it is important for us to work on the development of the standard together with the suppliers. We all benefit greatly from an open standard.”

“The participants of IGOV appreciate an open standard very much,”

Arthur Klink is president of the Inter-municipal consultation of Public Lighting (IGOV). “The participants of IGOV appreciate an open standard very much” he says. “It is still possible to choose the provider that best fits at that time, while the controlling is still possible with a single system. This freedom of choice brings with it a lot of flexibility.”

First pilot started

The Havenspoorpad in Rotterdam is the first pilot project that will been use the ALIS standardized protocol, says Henk Walraven. “On the 5.5 kilometer route, seven suppliers go to demonstrate that their systems work with ALIS. Their systems are controlled by a single management system. Very usefulness and necessity of a standard”, Walraven said.

License fees

All public lighting systems that are using the ALIS protocol, will pay a small fee. “The license costs one euro per light,” said Walraven. “Through the supplier that amount goes to the ALIS Foundation. The Foundation will invest it in, for example the further development and improvement of the standard. Before we go, of course, talk to both the market and the users to come.”

Download the MoU (Dutch) IOV – IGOV – ALiS